Version 4 of Xpert-Timer is now available

We are happy to announce, that Version 4 of Xpert-Timer time tracking is now available for download. We have implemented many new features. You can find the details in our Releasenotes.
We decided to sell our billing module (quotation, invoicing and reminders), the reimbursables modules and the document management module seperatly from the Xpert-Timer base product. This way it's your decision what's all included in your time tracking software.

Download your free 30 days trial version now:

Xpert-Timer is a project time tracking tool for any industry. You can either track the time spent on certain projects in a project team in order to bill your client correctly, or you can use the software to keep an overview of your internal time spent on certain tasks. Either, or...Xpert-Timer is easy to use and will help you identify time wasting tasks within a couple of weeks. The secret to Xpert-Timer's effectiveness is the timebar that floats on your Windows desktop and simplifies the time tracking as well as billing of projects and other tasks. Key functions of the project time tracking software are accessible by a single click or the press of a hotkey.

Software for time tracking

Floating timebar

The Xpert-Timer timebar floats on your desktop and displays the current running project as well as used time and costs. Besides using the automatic timer, you can also enter your project times and costs manually.

Identify time wasting tasks!

Collect and report

The software comes with built-in professional reports that you can change and design individually to suit your needs. They will help you to identify your time killers and help you to optimize your workflow.

Don't loose any billable minute

Time is money!

The invoicing module included in Xpert-Timer assures, that you will never loose a billable minute again. Add reimbursable expenses to your project and create an invoice at any time.