Xpert-Timer Enterprise

Xpert-Timer Enterprise

Time tracking for your company

Xpert-Timer Enterprise time tracker is multi-user compatible and runs on a MS-Access, MS-SQL (Express also), MySQL or PostgreSQL database.
Most of our clients use this version of Xpert-Timer for tracking their time.

Additional modules

Besides tracking your time, Xpert-Timer Enterprise offers a To-Do list, an invoicing module (additional module), a client
management, a document management (additional module), a reminder modul and a billing module (additional module). You can purchase all additional modules in the order process of Xpert-Timer. All of those modules can be activated or deactived in the software in order to keep the user interface as clear as possible.

Multiple project teams can all at once track their project time in Xpert-Timer. If you are using Xpert-Timer in a team, you should install the software on a network drive in order to update it easily. It's not necessary to install the time tracking software on every single client.

Workgroups - Project teams

With Xpert-Timer Enterprise you can implement work groups or projects groups in order to set the visibility of the projects. In previous versions of Xpert-Timer it was only possible to either see your own projects or the projects of the whole company. Now you can create workgroups and have your project leaders see all projects and time recorded of the team, instead of all projects throughout the whole company. Only the controlling department should be granted the visibility of all projects throughout the company, in order to create the necessary reports.

Access rights

User access rights control the visibility of projects and details. The user access rights can be set, to have a user only see the projects he's been assigned to and to only view his own recorded time and not time of his co-workers. Multiple user access rights are available in Xpert-Timer.

Example setup of Xpert-Timer Time Tracker in a multi user environment (Enterprise):
Network setup in Xpert-Timer time tracking

User interface

The user interface of Xpert-Timer is clear and your employees will get used to the time tracking system quickly.


If you want to track your project time on the road using a Windows laptop, you can do so, too. All you need additionally is the "Synchronization module". When you are back in the office, you can synchronize your data from your laptop, using your LAN or WLAN, with your main database. If you want to transfer the data from outside the office you need to connect to the main database using VPN or through the internet using our additional product "XTSyncServer". You can also track time on your Android smartphone and synchronize the data to the main database. Please visit our website www.xperttimermobile.com for further information.