Areas of application

Example areas of application


Billing without queries

Do you bill your working hours on an hourly basis? Xpert-Timer is perfect for precise documentation of various activities on behalf of a customer. All individual steps of a customer order can be entered in the time tracking software and can be billed via the invoice module. The end customer will be pleased with the exact listing of the time actually worked and questions in regards to the invoice won't even come up.

Internal costs

Who, what, when, for how long?

Predefined projects and activities can be recorded to the minute in Xpert-Timer. These recorded project times serve as the basis for calculating internal costs.
An example: The IT department of a company is used by all departments. Sometimes it's installing a new printer, sometimes it's an error in the system. The time that the IT department spends in the different departments is recorded on projects or activities in Xpert-Timer. At the end of the month, it is possible to evaluate exactly which department has used the IT department's service, for how long, for what and how often.

Capacity management

Happy employees

The capacity and performance management creates a process-related performance measurement over the defined organizational areas. Happy employees are good employees. The basic requirement for this is a good and fair distribution of work load. Processing times and lead times are therefore measured in order to optimize work areas.
With Xpert-Timer, every process can be measured in daily operation with little effort, thus determining a realistic processing time and cycle time of the processes. An optimization of the work areas is possible on the basis of the corresponding evaluations.

Process optimization

When there's simply no time

Xpert-Timer offers the option to record all work steps by the minute. With the help of your employees, you can identify time wasters and optimize processes. The waste of time, materials and labor is thus counteracted.

Reorganize yourself with Xpert-Timer. The software will show you the gaps in your working structure.

Self control

What am i doing all day?

Freelancers use the software for self-monitoring. Due to the time recording, the concentration remains with one activity and interruptions, or digressions to other activities become less frequent. This structures the daily routine, avoids unnecessary interruptions and ultimately increases productivity.
For many Xpert-Timer users it is simply interesting how much time was actually used productively during the day.


What is left?

Flat rates are often used for projects. But what is the profit in the end when all ten employees work on the project at the same time? It is also often not understandable how many hours each employee actually spent on the project in addition to his other work at the workplace. After all, there is always a phone call or a meeting in between.

With Xpert-Timer you receive an exact calculation of the costs incurred, based on price lists. At the end of the project, you can see immediately whether the project has really paid off for your company.