Xpert-Timer Software

Booking archive

Archive time stamps and fix prices

The Booking Archive saves billing-relevant information of timestamps and projects of a specific period into a read-only archive. Therefore if you change the prices in the company at the turn of the year, you can save the prices of the previous year's time stamps. For your reports, you can use appropriate filters to access the archived times and also evaluate them.

But why is a booking archive useful?
Above all, through the archiving of timestamps you will have many advantages. Certainly, the performance of the software when displaying the project times is being improved. In combination with the usage of filters, only relevant timestamps are displayed and you can choose whether you would like to show the archived times additionally or not. If you have archived the times of a whole year, subsequently you can still retrieve your set prices years later in the reporting module.

Once archived time stamps can't be changed or deleted later on. Because of that you have to completly deleta a booking archive, in order to make a change within the time stamps. Whether you are allowed to edit the booking archives or not is determined in the rights administration of Xpert Timer. The booking archive is part of Xpert-Timer Pro, in conclusion there won't be any extra costs for you if you would like to use it.