Xpert-Timer was ahead

Extraordinary: perfect support even before the purchase decision!

Xpert-Timer was ahead

Recently, NEWLITE GmbH switched to the Xpert-Timer software for time recording - Review by Managing Director Alexander Bechtold

As an industry-independent IT company, NEWLITE GmbH has been offering tailor-made IT solutions for the needs and requirements of its customers since 1996 across all manufacturers. As a competent full-service partner, NEWLITE-Systems does not only take over planning, testing, execution, implementation or migration, but also after-sales service as well as training, further education, support and service.

Extraordinary: perfect support even before the purchase decision! 

"When searching for the ideal project time tracking software for our requirements, the website of Xpert-Timer already stood out with a very professional and tidy structure," says Alexander Bechtold, Managing Director of NEWLITE GmbH.

"After downloading the trial version, the software from Xpert-Timer went into action together with products from two other suppliers", he says with a laugh. "Everything worked properly and reliably right from the start - installation, time recording, reporting, billing and support."

Alexander Bechtold emphasizes: "Already during the testing period, in which our technicians put the software through its paces, the software support was excellent. Although the Xpert-Timer team did not know if we as a customer would actually buy the product after the trial, the assistance and advice was excellent. This is not standard, unfortunately nowadays only very rarely the case and really exceptional", points out the CEO.

Xpert-Timer was ahead

With three software products in the final selection, Xpert-Timer was very fast ahead our favored product.

"The fact that the software functions reliably, recognizes the telephony and that the ticket system is visible to our customers was the most important criteria for us. As soon as a call comes in, the time recording should be able to start, without prior search and selection of the customer in the system. However, most software products ignore the telephony”, explains Alexander Bechtold, adding "although our time-tracking software used before included the telephony, the ticket system was not visible to our customers. The billing of the logged services was linked to high administrative effort and the telephony did not work reliably."

"Incoming calls are recognized by the Xpert-Timer system and assigned to the corresponding customer. Using the comment function, which we also print on the monthly report for our customers, we can log the content of the phone calls in a comprehensible manner. Using the billing mode, we then decide whether a service is billed to our customer or not. Of course, our customers are happy about services that have not been invoiced, because they save money and we appreciate happier customers."

"The software offers many useful functions - at the same time it is very well thought-out, that is why users do not feel overwhelmed. For an optimal overview, we like to use the fade-out and fade-in option in the program to simply disable unneeded functions in the Xpert-Timer. With Xpert-Timer we can now finally save filtered views permanently."

"The automatic rounding function was also a very important advantage for us, since only very few products offer this function. For post-processing, a certain grace period is usually necessary, which is why we have set the automatic rounding in the 6-minute interval for time recording. It would be nice if this important rounding function could also be extended to subsequent entries", said Alexander Bechtold. The Xpert-Timer team gladly welcomes this suggestion for the future development of the software.

Individual choice of terms in version 7

"The handling of the Xpert-Timer software is "Top of the notch" for our needs and that is a very important aspect. The focus is finally on the job itself. The time recording should run along, without special focus on the software handling", Mr. Bechtold said about his requirements for a user-friendly software. "The selection of terms in version 7 was great for us. The whole menu changes with the selection of terms, for us, the task has become a ticket, for example" said the CEO. In the Xpert-Timer, the sector-specific terms can be defined individually in the configuration area “System”. The project will then for example become the order, the task the ticket or the employee the editor.

Increase in sales through time recording 

Mr. Bechtold mentions that it is sometimes difficult for his employees to call up all their services after a working day. Time recording is therefore also required for documentation purposes. "Since we record times to the minute, we were able to charge about 50% more services. That is amazing! Not a minute of working time gets lost anymore. Our customers receive a clearly traceable invoice, which means fewer customer queries."  

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