Project planning, document management, time recording - all combined in one software

Interview with Heinz Neuffer, owner of the design office Neuffer in Bregenz

Project planning, document management, time recording - all combined in one software

Interview with Heinz Neuffer, owner of the design office Neuffer in Bregenz

Crucial: functions practically combined

In search of the right software for project time recording, he tested several programs, says Heinz Neuffer. After all, the decision to use Xpert-Timer software was made earlier this year due to the practical combination of project planning, document management and time recording in just one software. It was also important to the owner that he did not need any additional hardware for the program, but was able to install the software directly on the internal server of his design office.

Successful change to the Xpert-Timer software

“Before we switched to Xpert-Timer, we worked with a different time tracking program. Mrs. Schälchli helped us a lot with the switch from our previous software to Xpert-Timer and spent a lot of time, even though we are only a small office and definitely not one of the largest customers of Xpert-Timer”, says Mr. Neuffer,"Hats off for the great commitment!" After the successful switch to Xpert-Timer software, he also benefited from helpful tips from the support team to find his way around the various areas of the program as quickly as possible.

“The numerous combination options, filtering and grouping options in the reporting module sometimes played a trick on us at the beginning when entries were visible on the PC of one employee, but not for the colleague. Sometimes, however, this was simply due to a previously set filter. Filter removed - data visible again. Over time, you get the hang of it”, says the owner's positive feedback. 

Calculate required capacities

“We are a small design office in the field of mechanical engineering and manufacturing technology. We receive orders from our customers that consist of diverse tasks. Before we accept a customer order, however, we use the Xpert-Timer to draw up a rough schedule. We estimate the working hours associated with the respective tasks and include the start time and the estimated end. So we can immediately calculate the hours worked for our employees as well as the required time slots and decide whether we have enough capacity to accept the order."

A real plus – the document management

Project-related documents can be saved and managed in the Xpert-Timer. The user decides whether the documents are saved directly in the database or as a link to the document. The visibility of the documents can also be regulated via security levels. Using the document management makes it easier to access project-related documents stored in the company. “For our design office, document management and time recording are the most important functions that we use every day in the Xpert-Timer. We create the tasks associated with an order in the project manager in the form of sub-projects for the actual order. During the project duration, we then record all project-related times and documents for these sub-projects”, reports Heinz Neuffer.

Note function simplifies documentation

In the Xpert-Timer it is possible to store project notes in the project properties. These include, for example, access data, information on the project, open questions or meeting notes. The ongoing communication with a customer can also be mapped by creating notes in the client management. These notes can later be filtered for words in the text or narrowed down by date. Special agreements and communication with the customer should be entered here. The team from the Neuffer design office also uses this function: "The note function creates transparency and is primarily used for documentation purposes", says Mr. Neuffer.

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