Great new functions in Version 8

Project start with barcode scanner

In combination with the project start center, a barcode scanner can now also be used to start a project. In the test we used "Tera Mini" as the barcode scanner.

Simply scan the barcode, the project name is automatically transferred to the start center and the project time begins to run. When you are done with your task, simply scan another QR code and go!

If your barcode scanner is not connected to a PC, communication must take place via an interface. You then need an individual interface for your system. Xpert-Timer currently supports barcode scanning only using a PC connected barcode scanner.

The start center

A new start center when starting the Xpert-Timer offers an overview of all modules used. This allows you to easily jump to the area you want to work in. It's your quick access to all program modules.

The project start center

The new project start center offers a convenient, quick way to enter project times. So if you're looking for an alternative to the time bar, you've come to the right place. Optionally, you can also show the recorded times of the day and week in order to keep an overview of your total working hours. You can also quickly and easily adapt and expand the comment on the time stamp here.

Keyboard shortcuts allow you to quickly switch between projects and enter manual entries.

XRechnung, Swiss QR code bills and Giro code bills

With the additional module "Invoice" you can now choose between creating a traditional invoice as a PDF document, a Swiss QR invoice, an invoice with a giro code or an XRechnung. With the XRechnung you can additionally choose whether it is a partial or final invoice. You can also choose between version 1.2.2 and 2.0.1.
This means that all time-recorded services in the Xpert-Timer can be billed to companies and authorities that work with the XRechnung standard. The advantage over many other providers: Xpert-Timer offers a purchase license, so that an unlimited number of XRechnungen can be generated with a small investment.

The application protocol for performance tuning

Do you work with different programs on your PC and would you like the time to be recorded automatically for each program? This is now possible via the application log. For example: You work in the engineering office with a drawing program. You put this program on the positive list (whitelist). As soon as you start the program, Xpert-Timer logs the time how long you have been using it in the background . Let's pretend, your e-mail program is also on the positive list. So if you switch from the drawing program to the e-mail program, Xpert-Timer will recognize this and record the time in the background in the e-mail program. At the end of the month you can then evaluate how long you have worked with which app.

This is perfect for performance tuning. You can use it to measure how long you have been working in which programs and compare them with one another. How long does the accounting with program A take in a month compared to how long it takes for accounting with program B. This allows you to optimize your program selection.

Sending e-mails

If you send e-mails, e.g. tasks from the Xpert-Timer system, the subject of the task now also appears as the subject in the e-mail. This also works with projects.

Task sent through email

View notes of tasks

Point to "Windows" --> "Notes", in order to show an area for your notes in the project manager.
If you now select one of your projects with the mouse, you will see all the notes recorded for it in the list. If you would also like to see the notes of your associated tasks, then show them via the menu item "Options".

Save export settings

In order to use different settings when exporting tables, you can save different export settings with version 8.

Button for document management

In the project manager you can now jump directly to the document management using a button.

Spell checker

Xpert-Timer now offers a spell check for all text fields. This is activated in the configuration and then indicates errors in the text.

Spelling mistakes are then marked accordingly in the text fields.

Active spell checker

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