Xpert-Timer puts an end to paperwork

Interview with Rainer Korsalke, Managing Director of the company korsalke.BIZ

Xpert-Timer puts an end to paperwork

Interview with Rainer Korsalke, Managing Director of the company korsalke.BIZ

Korsalke.BIZ is a specialist for all matters relating to data protection in the company and for the assessment, analysis and planning of your IT infrastructure.

Safe with the on-premise cloud

“After trying out different software solutions, the Xpert-Timer emerged as the perfect program for project time recording. The decisive factor for me as an external data protection officer was that the Xpert-Timer runs locally on my own computer. The data of the companies I work for are therefore secure and I can do without an external cloud solution”, emphasizes Managing Director Rainer Korsalke.

The recently available add-on module Xpert-Timer Web allows project times to be recorded in the browser. An on-premise cloud is used within the company. This means that all the data collected remains secure and GDPR compliant in your company. Employees can work both locally in the company with a direct database connection and on the go, regardless of the platform, using a mobile device with the app or a laptop via the web browser.

Goodbye to paper stacks!

The company korsalke.BIZ appreciates the many advantages of the program: “All relevant data such as project progress or deadlines are shown clearly and structured in the project manager. The user interface is good and the software is self-explanatory. All information is bundled in a single program. The paperwork and the search for documents in filing folders has now come to an end!” says Rainer Korsalke. It is important to him to take the digital path in today's world. The Xpert-Timer has been in use at korsalke.BIZ for almost 3 years. In terms of client management, the software for the company's internal structure is the ideal addition to Outlook.

Document management with Xpert-Timer

Project and customer-related, korsalke.BIZ not only manages appointments, telephone and meeting notes with the program, but also the associated documents. This means that this information can be called up from any of the three company locations via the server. The additional document management module is used for secure and clear document storage: "The check-out and check-in function in the Xpert-Timer has proven to be very useful," explains Rainer Korsalke. If a person checks out a document in the Xpert-Timer for editing, no other employee can edit it. The document cannot be changed again until it has been checked in after processing has been completed. As a result, all relevant documents are available via the Xpert-Timer during a client appointment. If there are any questions from the client, the entire previous processing process can be presented transparently to the customer. "It is also practical that taking the laptop with you to customer appointments is completely sufficient, since the Xpert-Timer has all the important data in its luggage", says Mr. Korsalke.

Little effort – enormous time savings

In order to have all important customer or project-related information, documents and notes available in the Xpert-Timer, internal processes must be well structured. Mr. Korsalke is also aware of this: “Of course, the basis of the great time savings from which we benefit with the Xpert-Timer is, first of all, the clean recording of the data and the correct assignment of the documents by the individual employees. Maintaining the data over the entire duration of the project also takes time. However, this time is very well invested in terms of the enormous time savings that result from it“, says the managing director.

Xpert-Timer – great functions and top support!

“There are a lot of functions in the Xpert-Timer. Many areas can also be opened in a separate window“, says the managing director, who then adds: “A large monitor is an advantage!” Mr. Korsalke is convinced of the Xpert-Timer product: “I clearly recommend the Xpert-Timer software. The program is a very good solution, especially for companies with up to 40 employees: local server, easy to manage and the support is great! We recently bought the upgrade to the current version 7."

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