The new version 7 of Xpert-Timer is available

In the new desktop version, the entire program can be individually adapted to company requirements with industry-specific names. For example, the “customer” can then become the “client” and the “project” the “order”. For the terms “task”, “employee”, “performance” and “work group”, the appropriate designation can be selected from various options.

Complete recording

Version 7 provides meaningful reports for evaluating the time-recorded activities on projects or orders and now also offers an option for complete time recording when changing related time stamps. If time stamps are subsequently changed, the project time recording checks and changes adjacent time stamps accordingly in order to avoid overlapping.

Forgot an entry?

The new "retrospective" acquisition mode enables times to be entered retrospectively from a point in time in hours. This means that times can easily be booked after a phone call on a customer project.

Need a new look?

Any color selection is now possible as the background color of all windows in Xpert-Timer and - if colors are used for customers or projects - these can now also be printed in color. This makes the printed reports even clearer.

The countdown is running!

The new column "Time remaining" in the project manager provides an even better overview. If the "Time estimated" field is filled and times have already been booked to the project, the difference between these two columns appears in the "Time remaining" column. This shows how many hours are still available for the project.

Equipped for international use

The new field “VAT ID” in the contacts of the customer administration now allows the entry of the tax ID for each location of the customer.

Cover letter to customers

A new editor dialog is available in version 7 when creating e-mails. This makes it easier to record letters to customers. Variables for integration e.g. B. the customer name are available.

Xpert-Timer.Web browser application

From the end of May the additional module for the easy-to-use XTWeb application will also be available for purchase. This means that project times can be recorded on all devices regardless of the platform. This gives employees who were previously unable to use the desktop application access to the program. You can easily record times on the go using Windows, Mac and mobile devices (Android, iOS). The application is based on a private cloud, so that all recorded data is stored securely and in accordance with GDPR in the company on its own server.

Networking with other programs

Via a standardized web interface (REST) ​​it is possible in version 7 using the XT Cloudserver to couple data and functions of Xpert-Timer with existing software packages and thereby take a big step towards the digitization of company processes.

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