Xpert-Timer Software

Price Groups

Flexible accounting rates for employees and projects

With the "Price groups" module, you can use individual hourly rates for different users or professions. An engineer has a different hourly rate than a technical draftsman, who both work on the same project. Hourly rates can also be set depending on the time of day. For example from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. without surcharge and then with overtime surcharge and weekend surcharges.

Do you need different accounting rates per customer and per employee? Les say employee A is calculated differently for client X than for client Y? The price lists in the Xpert-Timer are perfect to handle this problem. You can store different hourly rates for every employee at the customer. Your project controlling department will be thrilled.

An overview of the functions of the price list

  • It has a validity period and a currency
  • It can use tariffs depending on the time of day
  • It is made up of different billing rates for the price groups
  • It can be versioned (expiry date, new prices)
  • Each price group can have its own billing rate in the price list
  • Each employee belongs to a price group
  • Each customer and thus his projects can receive their own price list
  • Each project and thus its sub-projects can receive its own price list

Further details on the price lists and price groups can be found in our manual: https://manualpro7.xperttimer.com/index.html?preislisten.htm