Xpert Timer is used for time tracking on activities and projects.

Xpert-Timer was originally developed to document the steps involved in software development.

Main focus

The core function of the software is and remains time recording. It is up to each user of the software how precisely they track their time. For example, you could just record your presence in the company, or track every task you work on.


Xpert-Timer was created in the development department of a software manufacturer. There, interruptions reduce the productivity immensely. As these interruptions continue, the development team has decided to log these interruptions to pinpoint the cause of project delays. At the end of the month, a report states precisely what interrupted the workflow.

And there is more!

Other features in Xpert Timer, in addition to timekeeping required in the office, include the collection of services to projects such as: Travel costs, the list of tasks for recording activities still due for projects, invoicing for projects, an activity history with which you can document the progress of the project, as well as customer administration. Furthermore, there is a telephony module which detects the incoming and outgoing calls via the TAPI interface and records the time of the call on a specific project. The Outlook module allows saving of emails in the document management of Xpert-Timer or the creation of a task from Outlook email via drag & drop.

Hierarchy of projects / activities

How detailed you record your times is completely up to you. You can optionally use the client level, then there is the main project level and a subproject level available. Then there are the tasks that you can also use to record project times. The more detailed you structure the activities, the more time-consuming is the time tracking, but also the more detailed the reports.

Many more features

There are many more features in Xpert Timer. Visit our product page to learn more about the available modules.

Free trial

You can use Xpert-Timer for 30 days without limitation with a maximum of 10 users. Download the latest version from our download page . If you are working with a network, the installation on a network drive is good to connect all users. A link to the xperttimer.exe on the network drive is enough to start the program from all workstations.