Xpert-Timer Software


For controlling and accounting

In the reporting module you can create several reports. Of course you have a lot of filter and grouping possibilities in order to evaluate your data. Besides the possibility of summarizing the data, you can also put your expenses and your earnings side by side in the Profit/Loss calculation. Also available are weekly, monthly and yearly reports to chose from.

There are over 32 combination possibilities to visualize and export the data. You find further information in the manual.

All data can be comfortably exported to Excel, or can be used over the REST-interface.

The reporting gives you the possibility to evaluate following questions:

  • How many hours via projecttype did accumulate? (Filtering for users)
  • How many hours do i spend with calculabe, not calculabe and intern projects?
  • Have the project times been billed already? Are there still open timestamps (marked as ''Billed'')
  • Which projects for which clients are in which currency?
  • Which tasks do i have to finish for which client?
  • Which tasks have been finished in this Month/Year?
  • How many time did i spend on a project type of a client?
  • How much time did i spend on a projecttype in a Month/Year?
  • How high is the summarization of not billed/billable/already billed times per project?
  • Are there still unbilled time stamps in this month?
  • Für welches Projekt sind in welchem Monat welche Zeiten angefallen?
  • How much time did i spend on which project this year?
  • How many hours and on which projects did a certain user book this month?
  • How many hours and on which projects did all users book this month?
  • Which user has worked how long in which month?
  • How many hours did the users book on the clients?
  • How many hours have all or one user booked in a certain time?

For a full list of possible filter combinations, visit the manual at: https://manualpro7.xperttimer.com