Xpert-Timer Software

Time recording the simple way

Choose between manual and automatic time recording

The core function of the project time tracking software is and remains time recording. How rough or how fine you want the individual activities to be tracked, is up to each user of the software. For example, you could simply record your presence in the company. You start the timer when you start up your computer and you stop it in the evening when you shut down your computer. Of course you may book an hour lunch break on a project. Or maybe you want to document exactly what activities you have carried out, when and for how long. Either you enter the project times automatically using the timebar of Xpert-Timer, or you simply add the times manually.

Comments on timestamps

A comment can be added to every time stamp. This enables the project to be documented precisely, time wasters to be identified and processes to be optimized. Xpert-Timer makes project management easier.

Assign activities

Sometimes it is necessary to group and evaluate the timestamps according to certain activities. You can define these activities in the configuration and then assign them to each time stamp.

You can find further information about "time stamps" in the Xpert-Timer manual in the chapter "All about time stamps".

Automatic time recording or manual entries

If you use the automatic stopwatch / timebar, you can book the time on projects or tasks with one mouse click or with a keyboard shortcut. Sometimes, however, you may have the requirement to enter the timestamps after the work is done. Then you can enter the times using the manual entry dialog. There are three input options available. Either enter the time with the from - to option, enter the total of hours worked (from / hours) or the option to enter retrospectively x minutes from the current time.

Project time recording made easy

Adjacent timestamps are adjusted accordingly if they overlap due to the manual entry. Of course optional.

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