Xpert-Timer Software


XTSyncServer - Exchange data using the internet

Data exchange using the Internet

XTSyncServer serves as an interface between your mobile devices (Android or laptop) and the main database in the company. The data exchange takes place via the Internet.
The data is stored locally on your mobile device in a database. For Windows systems, this can be a Microsoft Access database, an SQLite DB, a MS-SQL or a MariaDB database.

Why synchronize?

The advantage of a local installation with synchronization is, that you can also record times without an internet connection. This can be an advantage, for example, during a train journey or if you are traveling in areas with poor network connections.

By hitting a button, you can then exchange the recorded project times via the XTSyncServer interface with the main Xpert-Timer database. All your collected data will remain safely in your company.

As an alternative to using the synchronization, in case of a stable and fast internet connection, is Xpert-Timer Web. Xpert-Timer Web is a browser-based app with limited, but not too little functionality and provides the ability to directly write data to the main database. All necessary functions to track time and comment on the timestamps is available in Xpert-Timer Web.