Xpert-Timer Pro

What's new in Version 9 of Xpert-Timer?


  • New: New setting to be able to start projects without assignment
  • This simplifies the administrative effort for small teams and few projects, since all employees can then see all projects. Not available if workgroup mode is activated (comprehensive / strict)

Project manager
  • New: Additional "Start / Stop" column in the project list: Start and stop using a button within the project list
  • This means that a project can be started / stopped directly from the list with just one click of the mouse.

  • New: Additional "Start / Stop" column in the task list: Start and stop using a button within the task list
  • New: Additional column "Start / Stop" in the time stamp list: Start and stop via a button within the list
  • New: Excel export: Save several configuration settings
  • New: Automatic spell check (F7) in most multiline text entry fields
  • New: New "Start page" dialog: Clear quick access to all existing modules
  • Extension: Invoice items, quote items: New unit "Percentage" to be able to display proportional invoice items. E.g.partial payments
  • New: Support for GiroCode (numbers via QRCode) on the invoice printout
  • New: Support for Swiss QR bills (pay via QR code)
  • New: Support for XRechnung (digital invoice via XML)
  • New: New dialog "Project start center" to start projects, enter additions and see daily and weekly time stamps
  • In this dialog, projects and tasks can be processed quickly and clearly.

  • New: Support of bar, QR and NFC codes via external keyboard input scanner (e.g. via Bluetooth)
Project manager
  • Extension: Reading in the project list has been accelerated
  • Extension: The reading of the task list has been accelerated drastically (up to 5x as fast)
  • New: New button "Interrupt stamp with comment"
  • New: Copy time stamp to another employee via drag & drop
  • If employees in the team are working on the same activities, selected time stamps from the time stamp list can be copied to an employee in the project list.