Xpert-Timer Pro

What's new in Version 7 of Xpert-Timer?


  • Extension: Unterstützung von zeitlich begrenzter Nutzung der Zusatzmodule (Telefonie, Outlook, usw.)
  • Extension: Zeitstempelimport: Prüfung der Eingabewerte in der Vorschau auf Plausibilität z.B. Datumsformat, Uhrzeitformat
  • Extension: Neue Option: Kundennummer, Projektnummern anzeigen
  • Extension: Unterstützung für MySQL 8
  • Extension: Add a personal letter salutation in the contacts
  • Use it by using the variable %%SALUTATION%%


    Attached is the monthly report.

    Best wishes,

  • New: 64-bit version available
  • The Xpert Timer is now also available in a 64-bit version.

  • New: New program variant "Xpert-Timer.Web" to be able to access the time recording data via a browser.
  • New: CSV import assistant for timestamps
  • Timestamps in CSV format from other programs can now be easily imported.

Project manager
  • Extension: New column "time remaining"
  • Displays the difference between Estimate and Required Time.

  • New: If colors are used for clients / projects, they can now also be printed in the project list.
  • The option can be turned on / off in the print settings.

  • Extension: New entry type "retrospective". With it, times can be added retrospectively from a time in hours.
  • New: Change timestamp: Complete capture of contiguous timestamps
  • Query if a timestamp changes that has a directly adjacent predecessor and / or successor. These timestamps are then automatically adjusted to the changed start / end time.

  • New: Add employee photo