Xpert-Timer Software


XTCloudServer - Interface for private Cloud

Interface for the connection via the Internet

You can also install and use Xpert-Timer in a web browser or web app on mobile devices. As an interface, you need XTCloudServer, which is installed on a Windows server in your company and runs as a service. Every employee who gains access to Xpert-Timer Web will then work in a private cloud of your company. The Server (REST server) receives the collected data from the mobile devices (Android, Windows, iOS) and stores it directly in the main MS-SQL, MySQL or MariaDB database in the company.

Collecting project times via Xpert-Timer Web in combination with our Cloud Server is best with a fast, reliable Internet connection. As an alternative, there is the synchronization variant of the Xpert-Timer, which stores all data in a local database and synchronizes only when a good connection (Internet, VPN, LAN) is available.